Raspberry Pi Cast – Alternative to ChromeCast

I do love to use my RaspberryPi 3 for various tasks. I use it as my test server, bittorrent client, cache proxy server,  and so on. Beside all of these, my favourite daily usage is to use it as streaming device just like a chromecast. Therefor, I want to introduce 2 solutions for this unique task. One of them is an open source project which it has great android app, Chrome/Firefox extensions and also a very nice web interface. The other one is only an android app but it has further features. The best side of this two softwares are that you can use them together.

Before the start use raspberry pi for streaming I strongly suggest config your raspberry device IP address as a static ip. Than, you may want to edit your host files as well.


RaspberryCast 3.0 is an open source project for using raspberry pi as a streaming device. RaspberryCast source code is available on the github and installing it is really simple. Hence, Just open terminal on your raspberry device and paste this command

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vincelwt/RaspberryCast/master/setup.sh && sudo sh setup.sh

As it mention on github readme page, this installation script will do

  • Download RaspberryCast and install the necessary dependencies
  • Autostart RaspberryCast at boot (added to /etc/rc.local)
  • Reboot

then you ready to use your streaming pi.

There are various ways to stream a video now. Firstly, the web interface has self-explanatory user interface and you will see same UI on extensions and android app.

RaspberryCast web UI


RaspberryCast Android App and Chrome / Firefox extensions are look just like the web ui.

This software works most of popular video stream sites such as Youtube, Vimeo etc. Also you can play local videos via using this python script on your computer. First of all, install the script with this command

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vincelwt/RaspberryCast/master/rcast.py

And play video with this

python rcast.py video.mkv

And that’s all. It will work like a charm.

Now, Let’s look the second one.


Raspicast is an android app for stream video on your raspberry pi via built-in video player omxplayer. This app allows you play videos from both of your raspberry device and android storage, besides of stream videos sites. Thus you can plug your usb sticks or external hard-drive to raspberry pi and control with the your phone. The app screenshots are below.

Other beautiful feature of this app is it can show images on you rapsberry pi! But, firstly you should install OMX image viewer. It is simple just download .deb files from its web site: http://omxiv.bplaced.com  and install it.


I think these two solutions are equally great and address to different use cases. If I want to watch some video on my local storages which they plugged on raspberry pi device I use raspicast but If I want to watch some online video or some videos on my computer then I use the RaspberryCast because it has powerful extensions and web UI.

Finally, I just want to introduce these two apps for you. I tried to avoid explain all features and how-to-use cases, I think you can figure out them.

Please, feel free to leave any comment or feedback on this blog. Thank you.

*Featured image is taken from raspberrycast project soruce code images.